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Posted 1 year ago

my dear friends, I have a very important and life-changing test in less than 15 hours. I’m asking: please wish me luck because I need it very bad.

Posted 1 year ago

I’m going crazy. I really am :(((

Posted 1 year ago

My Life

  1. Me: it's 8 AM. I'm gonna study...(starts an action video game)....
  2. Me: it's 10 AM. I'm gonna study...(starts an RPG video game)...
  3. Me: it's 13 PM. I'm gonna study...(starts a old classic console video game)...
  4. Me: it's 16 PM. I'm gonna study...(watches a movie)...
  5. Me: it's 20 PM. I'm gonna study...(watches news and some music videos)...
  6. Me: it's 23 PM. I'm gonna study...(gotta check my email...leads to stumbling)...
  7. Me: It's 1 AM. I'm gonna sleep...I'll change tomorrow...
Posted 1 year ago

hate school so much. I hate studying. I hate it hate it hate it

there are so many video games I wanna play but I can’t :((((( I’m so sad now

Posted 1 year ago

I’m creating a long-term study plan. 6 months with 4 textbooks. any suggestion or tips?


  1. krause’s food & the nutrition care process 2012
  2. Guyton physiology
  3. Lehninger principles of biochemistry
  4. any advanced English book
Posted 1 year ago
Posted 2 years ago

Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian: Is this really what we care about?

It used to be big names. really cool people. Movie stars, rock bands and such…but now…

This Kim Kardashian does not have any kind of talent at all. Nada. She’s a goose egg! the other one (Justin Bieber) at least sings (which is not something to even try to listen to). Kim Kardashian is all over the news just because she owns a huge butt and was friends with a dumb human being like Paris Hilton?

Come on people, you’re way better than this. and you know it.

Posted 2 years ago

I hate it so much I’m gonna fail all my next up coming classes on purpose.

Posted 2 years ago

I just chain smoke 16 cigarets (was counting)…I’m having a panic attack

also my arm hurts. my left eye is itching :( god…I’m not gonna finish these books for the exam…shit…I want to go stay in a cave. forever.

I’manna take a nap.

Posted 2 years ago

I took a exam of my studies…I failed as shit. I’m hopeless.

I’m not gonna make it to masters. wish I had a gun to blow my own head off :((

Posted 2 years ago

I wish there was a drug to put me in the right mood to study my fucking books.

this is hard :(

Posted 2 years ago

while everyone is out having fun with his girlfriend

I have to sit here and study shit and I hate it….but I need it :|