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Posted 6 months ago

I don’t like you either

Posted 11 months ago

don’t be sad

often I see very sad posts on tumblr. come on people. don’t let yourself be like that. here is a good advice: try simple new this: start posting any stupid nonsense words circulating in your hallow skull. I’m doing it right now. you are tough. I mean we all survived Justin Bieber episode of Saturday Night Live, didn’t we?

also you can try Cocaine. it’s a guaranteed solution. LSD or Ecstasy tablets will also work.

Posted 11 months ago

I saw a turtle once. it was making these weird faces that made me very uncomfortable. it was a mean turtle.

Posted 12 months ago

EpicWin Turns Your To-Do List Into A Role-Playing Game, Available Now

I;m just copying text I don’t know what the hell it is

Posted 1 year ago

I feel so intelligent today :)

Posted 1 year ago

I was going to post something then suddenly I realized: OMG! no one cares!

you should realize that too.

Posted 1 year ago

I'm gonna be damn successful

  1. Professor: I'll ask you a question. based on your answer, I'll tell you if you're suited for a nutrition/diet field job.
  2. Me: OK, hit me.
  3. Professor: what makes you laugh?
  4. Me: fat people.
  5. Professor: you're going to be very successful in this area.
Posted 1 year ago

I think everyone should mock everyone else. this way we all laugh while no one get’s offened.

plus this way, people think before acting or saying something.

Posted 1 year ago

have you ever been so cold that your fingers are like frozen that you can’t even type as usual? like your fingers don’t bend as they should?

coz I’m like that right this moment

Posted 1 year ago

I do not approve of this picture on your dashboard…yes that one…also I’m sleepy…yaaawn

Posted 1 year ago

we passed 12/12/12? damn it, I wanted to tweet about it

Posted 1 year ago

It has come to my attention that someone unfollowed me. I just want to say: you broke my heart :( I may lose control and harm myself. you should know that any damage done to me is on you.

I posted this so everybody knows how cruel you are.

Posted 1 year ago

my bottom hurts because I sit much more than a human should

Posted 1 year ago

this is a really funny joke, coded. if you’re smart enough, you’ll decode it and laugh


Posted 1 year ago

chicken butt

  1. Me: OK. so, heres what...
  2. Friend: What?
  3. Me: Chicken butt
  4. Friend: LOL
  5. Me: LOL...troll face...LOL...