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Posted 10 months ago

sometimes people act so stupid, when it comes to understanding me, it makes me cry. in this corner. you tell them just leave but they’ll stay right there. you say: just go! but no, they’re right there. it’s like talking to a chimp. what the hell is wrong with these people?

Posted 10 months ago

is that too much to ask?

I just tell them: don’t bother me. I never ask you any favors. you, please, do the same. do not contact me. I have no interest in helping with your self-created problems. just like you. you decide 1 thing. that thing brings on problems, then you bother me with asking for help. just don’t. if you can’t handle it, don’t fucking do it.

they rely on other people, including me, on their everyday life activities. that’s bullshit. I never do that. and I know for sure if I do ask them for help, they’ll reject me. they have done before.

just leave me hell alone. that’s it. that’s really it. I don’t know how to say it. it is soooo simple. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Posted 10 months ago

if I see God, I’ll kick him right in the cunt right in front of his own people. I don’t care who the fuck you are, when you see a child dying of hunger and a world full of shit like this, you do something. this asshole just sits up there, staring at people and telling them to watch for their actions. fuck you you disgusting piece of shit. God is a big pussy.

Posted 10 months ago
Posted 10 months ago

I don’t like you either

Posted 11 months ago
Posted 12 months ago

I can’t decide which one is it: life sucks or I suck at life

Posted 1 year ago
life is a steaming pile of shit of a shitty kid that has swallowed a worthy piece of diamond. you gotta dig through stinking shit to find that awesome diamond. and who knows? maybe it worth it.
Posted 1 year ago

the sad thing is after bad things happen, you can stand, talk shit, scream, curse and yell. but after a while you realized you just have to let go. it’s done. just have to let go. and I have big problems letting go. I mean letting go, easily, without asking why.

Posted 1 year ago

fuck you guys!

I hung around dashboard for a while. now I:

1. feel like shit for not appreciating life

2. hate myself for my not-accomplished goals

3. am thinking suicide because I don’t have a love in my life


Posted 1 year ago

this is a tragedy for me and a joke for you

I think God created me as a joke when he was high on weeds. then after he was normal, couldn’t remember about me. now I’m stuck in this life and God has forgotten about me completely.

Posted 1 year ago

I’m going crazy. I really am :(((

Posted 1 year ago

God should have created a rule: if you get something that you do not deserve, an angel cuts off your penis/boobs.

oh man, there would be so many people with no penises/boobs.

we, the normal people, could call them NOPs (no penises) and NOBs (no boobs).

those nops and nobs are disgusting. I hate them.

Posted 1 year ago

My Perfect World

my perfect world is a place where I can insult anyone that deserves it in that very moment.

Posted 1 year ago

even the smallest can be used. size does not matter.

ever used your girlfriend’s boobs as a pillow? I did it all the time. it’s awesome. it’s a very nice practice for bonding too. skin to skin touching, face to face talking, heart to heart loving. also it’s neither energy consuming nor disgusting like sex. bottom line: boobs are great.