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Posted 6 months ago

the antihistamine I took is reaching it’s peak and that is giving me a minor headache. but it’s OK. I knew this would happen and I’m ready for it!

for those interested: headache caused by antihistamine is because this drugs tightens blood vessels (narrowing them) which results in higher blood pressure which in the end results in headache. also maybe higher heart rate. which I am also having.

P.S.: man I just realized I sound like a lunatic scientist! who does this?

Posted 6 months ago

runny nose and body aches, so I took two 25mgs Baclofen tablets + 1 antihistamine decongestant almost 2 hours ago. I feel a little bit dizzy but overall, it’s awesome. I’ve been feeling shitty all week, but not tonight. and I’m gonna keep taking them drugs. although I think I should keep baclofen around that 25mgs and not 50 mgs.

again, if I don’t use drugs, I’ll go nuts.

Posted 11 months ago

My miserable real life (not pretending/pretentious social media life) problem

  1. Friend: what the hell is your problem man? you're always cranky and shitty. what the fuck?
  2. Me: you see Mr. Michael Buble sings: "it's a beautiful day and I can't stop smiling". my problem is: I am never like that.
  3. Friend: OK. have ever heard of a medicine called Cocaine?
Posted 12 months ago

what I want to say is if Cocaine makes you see the world more colorful, why not use it?

or be more energetic. or simply just get things done.

you see getting things done is a big problem in my life.

hint: I have never used narcotics. but I’m willing to.

Posted 1 year ago

Best way to treat RLS is to use drugs. to listen to this shit everone says. they are not the ones with this awful situation. contorl your life.

some say yoga, stretching and … that shit helps no body. stop this bullshit.

Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago

being an owl itself is very cool…being an owl and doing drugs….super cool, frozen cool

Posted 1 year ago

I wish there was a drug to put me in the right mood to study my fucking books.

this is hard :(

Posted 2 years ago
Posted 2 years ago